Each week a new challenge will be posted here. These are not mandatory to stay in the competition, they are merely ideas and encouragement to get you moving!

All Challenge-takers are encouraged to listen to your body. If you begin to feel weak, pain, or dizziness, stop the activity. There will be lower-impact/lower-intensity options for most challenges. Consider starting on the lower-impact/lower-intensity options before attempting the harder ones.


  • Drink half your weight in ounces of water DAILY. Example: If you weight 200 pounds, drink 100 oz of water.
  • See Below – It’s a big challenge!
  • 2 5Ks- Yes, you can!


Physical Challenge: Jumping Jacks

Based on your fitness level:

Beginners: 15 modified/ Active: 50 Regular/  Advanced: 100 Regular

Video of modified jumping jacks can be watched here:




Physical Challenge:Push ups

Every level will complete 50 daily, Monday through Friday.  Remember, you don’t have to complete these all at the same time. Do sets at multiple times throughout the day if you can’t complete them all in one session; just complete all 50 and realize you can do more than you think!

•See links below for directions.

BEGINNERS: Wall push ups. *http://pdiwellness.com/wall-push-ups/

INTERMEDIATE: Incline push ups. **http://pdiwellness.com/incline-push-ups/

ADVANCED: Standard push ups. ***http://pdwellness.com/standard-push-ups/



Physical Challenge:10,000 Steps a day PLUS:

All of the previous challenges: Jumping Jacks and Push-Ups!

See above for resources


Physical Challenge: Stairs (or Knee Raises if you can’t do stairs)

If you cannot do stairs, do Knee Raises instead: Lift one knee up till parallel to the floor, then switch legs and repeat. For Beginners: 50/day;  For Intermediate: 100/day; and for Advanced: 250/day – ALL will also complete the steps for stairs.

BEGINNERS: 50 stairs/day      PLUS      10,000 steps daily (this continues throughout the month of April)

INTERMEDIATE: 100 stairs/day    PLUS      12,000 steps daily (you get an extra mile a day)

ADVANCED: 250 stairs/day    PLUS      15,000 steps daily (you can do this!)



Physical Challenge: 10s

A) 10 jumping jacks B) 10 sit ups C) 10 push ups D) 10 leg raises E) 10 knee raises PLUS 10,000 steps DAILY. {For those who can, give me 3 sets of A-D.

BEGINNERS: A-E Daily PLUS 10,000 steps daily
INTERMEDIATE: 3 sets of A-E Daily PLUS 10,000 steps daily


Physical Challenge: 20s

A) 20 jumping jacks B) 20 sit ups C) 20 push ups D) 20 leg raises E) 20 knee raises PLUS a 20 minute walk DAILY. {For those who can, give me 3 sets of A-E.

BEGINNERS: A-E Daily PLUS a 20 minute walk daily
INTERMEDIATE: 3 sets of A-E Daily PLUS a 20 minute walk daily


Physical Challenge: 5s (Sets, that is)

A) 10 jumping jacks B) 10 sit ups C) 10 push ups D) 10 leg raises E) 10 knee raises – 5 sets.

BEGINNERS: A-E Daily 3 sets

Start with a 10 minute warm-up, do 5 sets, follow with a 10 minute cool down and stretching.



Physical Challenge: The Daily Burn (You get Sunday off)

SAT, MON, and WED: A) 50 jumping jacks B) 50 sit ups C) 50 push ups D) 50 leg raises E) 50 knee raises PLUS a 30-minute walk

TUES and THURS: Walk or Run a 5K – yes, both days ; Plus 25 air punches (2 sets) and 25 dips (2 sets)

BEGINNERS: Do 25 of each exercise and one 5K (I suggest Thursday – Last chance workout!)

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